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To The Showcase of Australian and New Zealand

Please read below before entering Website


The Imported Boxers displayed here have been included with the permission of the owners FREE OF ANY CHARGES now or in the future as this Website will be ongoing as more Boxers are added, the website is Non Commercial and Cost Free

As there has been no expenses incurred by the owner only the Imported Boxers and their Pedigrees have been displayed

Should you wish to make further enquiries regarding any of these Imported Boxers, please click on the photo of the Boxer and details will be provided to the owners' web site, or email address.

The owner and author of this site takes No Responsibilty nor endorses the use of any of these Boxers for Stud purposes or the purchase of puppies, or any of the Boxers description/information/photos supplied by Owners. The visitor should make all his or her own enquiries from the owner concerned.

The owner and author of this site reserves the right to correct, alter, reduce, re-arrange or refuse, without prejudice, any Boxer and/or details submitted for inclusion on this site.

This site is simply to SHOWCASE the many Quality Imported Boxers to Australia and New Zealand.

Any Australian or New Zealand Owner who feels they would like to feature their Imported Boxer on this Website, please submit Photo and Pedigree.

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This Website is Copyright 2006-9
All Rights Reserved
Webmistress and Author - June Kelly-Hicks

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